Restoring Your Carpets after Water Damage

Fortunately, it’s just a plumbing leak. It could be much worse – your whole house could be completely flooded! But even a little water damage is cause for concern. As moisture builds up in your carpets and flooring, so does harmful mold and bacteria. In turn, the growth of mold and bacteria severely reduces the air quality in your home and can pose dangerous health risks for you and your family. Moisture in the flooring can also cause cracks, weakening the foundation and structural support of your home. If your home has suffered from any degree of water damage, it’s best to take care of the issue and restore your carpeting and floor before more expensive risks such as health and structural damage become an issue.

The first thing to do after your home is damaged by water, be it from a leaky roof or a burst pipe, is to assess the level of damage. If the damage is only minor, you can most likely take care of the issue yourself by drying the affected area as soon as possible. A combination of a wet vacuum and fans will help to speed up the drying process, and then a dehumidifier to dry the excess moisture in the air. If you have any water-damaged carpet padding, you will want to replace the padding and steam clean the carpets. Cleaning the carpets, as well as the walls and baseboard – anything that has been touched by contaminated water – will sanitize and deodorize your home after water damage. Drying your flooring immediately following damage will help to stop the growth of mold and keep the air in your home clean.

If the water damage is more than minor, you will want to enlist the help of a professional. Many carpet cleaners specialize in water damaged carpet restoration. Using professional drying methods and repairing the flooring of your home, you will be able to prevent further damage and mold growth. Carpets will be professionally cleaned and deodorized so your home can return to smelling fresh and clean. For more information on professional carpet inspection and water damage restoration, visit